MacBook case

Sublime iProtection for a legendary laptop.

Your MacBook is a technological 'tour de force' and deserves an equally special accessory: a Lucrin leather case. Crafted from high-quality leather by the world's finest leather artisans, our MacBook 12-inches cases combine style and simplicity. Choose from several styles including the simple sleeve, the envelope, the case with elastic, the zippered case,... Featuring a top quality microfiber lining to protect the surface of your Mac from accidental scratches. What's more, you can choose from several colors and materials, not to mention the unique customization options offered by Lucrin

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    Dokumentenmappe für Apple Geräte (max. 13 Zoll)

    Ab € 171,74
    Regulärer Preis € 229,00
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    Weiches Mauspad

    Ab € 44,26
    Regulärer Preis € 59,00
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    Hülle für das Ladegerät zum Apple

    Ab € 59,24
    Regulärer Preis € 79,00